Malaysia’s No.1 Ukulele songbook

new book

After a year of passionate and dedicated preparation, we are proud to announce our freshly designed ukulele songbook called “The Ukulele’s Journey”

Our previous ukulele music book, “The Ukulele’s Garden” had recorded sale of 3000 copies sold in 2013.

Our comprehensive ukulele music book will definitely turn on your fun and keep delivering you passion and inspiration. This book is perfectly designed to provide clear instructions and methods for beginners and intermediate ukulele players. Also, It features some ukulele techniques, strumming lessons, festival songs, animation songs, classic songs, romantic songs and more.

Below is one of the reviews on “The Ukulele’s Journey” given by a professional:
” This book provides clear instructions and helpful illustrations for beginners. The fun and varied repertoire is suitable for all ages.”
Professor Dr. Yeoh Pei Sze, Head of Music Department, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

You may now grab our ukulele books at our store now at just RM 25 per copy only.

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