High Quality Cajon In Malaysia – TALOHA CAJON

taloha cajon-high quality cajon in malaysia.

taloha cajon-high quality cajon in malaysia.

A Cajon is a south american drum made completely out of wood. It is played by slapping the front face with your hand and it’s perfect for unplugged sessions because it could substitute a whole drumset.

Taloha Cajon is a truly Malaysian cajon manufactured in our appointed partner factory. It is a handmade cajon made of imported and high quality wood. Each of our cajons is using the best condition of wood material chosen by professionals. We strongly emphasize our cajon’s sound quality to provide a good experience & satisfaction to the user.Despite of its beautiful workmanship, we also ensure every of our cajons is solidly built, individually tested and framed so that it can last longer.

alyn-gil talohacaj

Price List

Standard Series
CL50 American Walnut RM399
CL14 Russian Birch RM399
CL16R Russian Birch RM399
CL19R Russian Birch RM399
Special series



Spalted Maple



Premium series
CD01 American Ebony RM599
CL97 African Ebony RM639



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