Professional Vocal Lessons IN TOWN

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Introducing our vocal class, professional 1 on 1 lesson.

-RM 120 per month

-Experienced vocal teacher
-Comfy environment
-Friendly faces

Looking for a great music school in KL? Even better… IN CHERAS !? Join us in Gitaloha Music located at Taman Connaught NOW! Not later, NOW! Want to be the best of the best? Want to be the ladies-man? Want to know how many men and women your voice can be tempted by your voice?

Join us and be the Apprentice of our Mentor Mr. Steward

Steward is studying Bachelor of Contemporary Music in UCSI. He is also occupied as a singer-songwriter for under Once-Life Company who has 6 years songwriting experiences and oftenly performed in UCSI events such as C.A.R.E by Bhennika, Borderless Night, In the Mist of Twilight, UCSI IT Fair, H.O.T Showcase and also last year Harvest’s Festivals. Besides UCSI, also an active performer in KL Open Mic bars such as Merdekarya and Frontera.

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You see this? With our help, this could be your stage in the future.

Image result for 中国好声音This will be your success if you LET US HELP YOU!!

 Develop your vocal tone,
perfect those licks and runs,

master your vibrato and learn to control your breathing.

Then you go out there and MAKE YOUR TEACHER PROUD!

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Please call 03-9134 6750 or whatsapp 016-6470858 for futher details.

“Your man may have left you. Your woman may have used you. But fear not, with a voice like that, you’ll be more successful thank you think. You will shine on the stage, of LIFE.” – KELVIN

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