MAYGA Piano Available Now in Gitaloha Music

Gitaloha Music proudly presents: MAYGA Piano

MAYGA MH-17 & MH-27 (White)

MAYGA MH-17 & MH-27 (Black)

MAYGA MH-17 (No LED Display)
MAYGA MH-27 (With LED Display)

The most affordable digital piano you can find in KL. Looks just like an upright piano.
Comes with Piano Stand, Piano Stool, Headphone.
(Do it yourself by building it like IKEA Furniture, enjoy the process to happiness)


You can walk into our shop: WAZE: Gitaloha Music
Whatsapp: Sheena or Kelvin
You can order it online here:
MAYGA MH-17: Click Here
MAYGA MH-27: Click Here

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