HANG DRUM – An Exquisite Instrument, First in MALAYSIA

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An Exquisite Instrument

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The Hang Drum is a musical instrument that sounds amazingly soothing and beautiful. It sounds like an angel humming a song. Get the latest hang drum in Malaysia at our store at only RM 3999 (Free BAG + STAND).

Front line: Prototype Hang from November 1999 (left), Ghatam (right); second line: Three Hanghang built in 2007, 2006 and 2005 respectively (from the left to the right)
The Hang was developed in the year 2000 and introduced at the Musikmesse Frankfurt in 2001. It is 52 cm (20 in) in diameter and has a height of 24 cm (9 in). The two deep drawn steel hemispheres of the Hang are hardened by a process known as gas nitridization. The side considered the bottom has an opening (Gu) in the center which allows the generation of the bass note through Helmholtz resonance. When it is played in a damped way it can change in pitch similar to a talking drum. On the top are seven or eight notes arranged in a tone circle in zigzag fashion from low to high. All are tuned harmonically (with fundamental, octave and the fifth above the octave) around a low note (Ding) at the center of the tone circle. Each creation is numbered and signed.


You Can Be Wild
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You Can “Duet”
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Here are a couple videos of The Hang in action:

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