68905_709433572423508_518093654_n1.) Tan Wing Kit (16 years old) Kuala Lumpur

  •  Post Grade 8 Guitar Student
  •  “A tutor of great talent further complemented with a set of fascinating skills varying from merely playing the musical score to an outburst of impromptu improvisation and intuitive sight reading. Personally, I took only a time span of 3 years to equip myself with the right skills to graduate my Grade 8 guitar under his precise guidance and teachings. Definitely the right and reliable tutor with an excellent sense of music. “


2.) Chris Yap (28 years old), Kuala Lumpur

” I took acoustic guitar lessons in two different music centres before. I couldn’t progress further and have been playing same song in two months. I couldn’t meet a right guitar teacher until I found Gitaloha Music. They have a knowledgeable guitar instructor who passionately guides you to a correct path to learn guitar effectively. It’s a wonderful experience to learn from Mr. Louis. You will never get bored of his class! “

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